Yoga Body, Strong Body

Level 1


A New Year, A New Way to Practice and Train


Master Your Bodyweight to Achieve a Flexible, Strong and Lean Physique


A Digital Course That Combines Bodyweight Training and Yoga.
Designed for those who are new or fairly new to yoga and/or bodyweight strength training and want a solid foundation before moving forward.
Minimal equipment needed!
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Are you...


Looking to start or deepen a yoga program where you can learn the fundamentals with proper alignment?

Stumped by all you can do with your own bodyweight just because you may not be able to do a push up?

Looking for something that can get you fit and strong with minimal equipment and a minimal time commitment?

Intimidated by the advanced yoga poses seen on IG and want to gradually work up to these poses?

Want an exercise program that gets you back to the activities you LOVE to do or thought were things of the past?

Tired of looking up at your computer or TV screen trying to figure out a yoga pose in a ZOOM class and once you finally get into the pose the teacher has moved onto another pose?


Learn the Foundations

Four digital classes which focus on the key principles of strength training combined with key yoga poses.

Practice Anywhere, Anytime

The ability to view the classes from your mobile app so you can practice anywhere and access to the Yoga Body, Strong Body Facebook group for online support.


Bonus Content

Bonus content which includes a breakdown of Surya Namaskar A (Sun Salutation A) and how to incorporate key elements of strength training in your daily life.

Why This Type of Training?


I have developed Yoga Body, Strong Body to give you a solid foundation in Bodyweight Training and Yoga.

In my combined 20 + years of teaching yoga and strength training I have found that students are either flexible OR strong OR neither. Both flexibility and mobility are imperative to strength training just as strength is imperative to performing certain yoga poses.  

My goal is to help you:

  • Develop more body awareness and master your bodyweight
  • Help you learn how to practice for yourself
  • Increase flexibility and mobility
  • Shed some fat
  • Gain overall strength and strength related to improving and deepening a yoga practice


I should know...

…two years ago I trained only via bodyweight and mastered the One Arm Push Up, Pistol and Pull up. I not only rocked a bikini that summer but I strengthened my yoga practice.  And my yoga practice during this type of training helped keep me injury free!




Top features

  • Unlimited access to Yoga Body, Strong Body (Level 1), a four-part series
  • Bonus Content
  • Available on a downloadable app so you can access the program on your phone
  • Online support via my Yoga Body, Strong Body Facebook group


“Siobhan is an incredible trainer! We’ve worked together for a few years. She’s taught me to listen to my body, how to push it smartly, and to tame my internal reckless abandon. We work on strength and conditioning training, in addition to weekly yoga sessions focusing on poses to support my strength training, and a little yin for when it’s needed. 

Siobhan has worked hard to create a comprehensive training program to keep me “in the gym”, having fun, making gains, and avoiding injury. She continues to be a vital influence in my overall health and wellbeing!!”


“Balance aptly describes Siobhan’s training philosophy and targets the reason why she is my yoga instructor.  Siobhan has been guiding me in yoga for several years.  I have struggled with mobility restrictions and limited flexibility.  Yoga effectively counterbalances the high tension, high intensity barbell and kettlebell training I engage in regularly.  It not only relieves physical and mental stress but with regular practice it has improved my balance, postural awareness, joint health and overall flexibility.

What sets Siobhan apart as a personal trainer is not only her understanding of how yoga can facilitate recovery, but MOST VALUABLE, is her unique ability to artfully and skillfully instruct and cue with an eye for form.  Yoga is quite challenging for me; Siobhan’s individualized guidance, patience and vast experience always makes it a rewarding experience.”