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Balanced Body

1-on-1 Coaching

This program is for those looking to change their lives through fitness, mindset, yoga and nutrition. 

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Are you?

  • Feeling stuck and have no idea where to begin when it comes to taking steps to improve your nutrition and fitness?


  • Wondering why you cannot get there on your own?



  • Confused by all the diet and exercise programs that are on the internet?


  • Having trouble with consistency and cannot hold yourself accountable?


  • Wanting an exercise program that improves your life instead of consumes your life?


  • Lost motivation and joy of movement?


  • Loosely following a random collection of workouts from IG that is not customized to your skill level and worse leaves you injured?


  • Feeling exhausted after workouts but wonder why you are not seeing change?

I get it!



Before I started consistent weight training and understood nutritional science, I did not have a healthy relationship with my body. 

I was so hard on myself and was indeed my own worst critic.  I used to say the most horrible things to myself such as “Why can’t I look like her?” “What am I doing wrong?” “If I just had more discipline” “If I was just 5 lbs. thinner I would be happy.”

It was the same “all or nothing” cycle of shameful thoughts. If ate that “bad” food then I guess I’d have to start again on Monday.  I also restricted certain foods and was not getting enough calorically. I could not understand why I didn’t see a difference.

Does this sound familiar? 

Finally, one day I was in a fitting room at a clothing store trying on shorts and came home feeling utterly depressed. 

There is a saying “Only when the pain of staying the same is too great that we change.”  This is what happened with me on that very day. I didn’t want to continue this way anymore.  I was so sooooooo tired of beating myself up.

So, I reached out to a coach and shockingly when he asked me my goals, I did not say I wanted to lose weight or to be more toned but instead I told him I wanted to get strong. 

I started to learn what worked for my body in terms of strength training exercises and nutrition. As I consistently worked my program, I started to see results. I got stronger and as a side effect I started to see aesthetic results.

But perhaps most importantly, I now have a healthy relationship with food. 

For years, I have enjoyed creating healthy meals and have stopped beating myself up.  I started to enjoy foods that I once denied myself.

I want the same for you!


What you get...


Customized Strength and Yoga Training Program

Your customized workout and/or yoga program is tailored to your equipment and time constraints.

Nutrition Coaching (including mindset) 

Do you get overwhelmed with all the dieting advice out there?  I am here to guide you through your questions and the grocery aisles!

In-Person/ZOOM Sessions

We will meet twice a month either in-person or via ZOOM to strength train, practice yoga or a hybrid of the two. This is also a time to discuss your progress, any questions you have and strategies to overcome obstacles and keep you on your path to success.

Video Shares

Feel free to send me videos of specific exercises or yoga postures that you would like me to review and send feedback.

Unlimited Support and Accountability

As your coach, I am here for you!  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions on your journey.

Access to My App

You will have access to my mobile app where you can view your program and track your progress anytime, anywhere. 

What are you waiting for?

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“Siobhan is an incredible trainer! We’ve worked together for a few years. She’s taught me to listen to my body, how to push it smartly, and to tame my internal reckless abandon. We work on strength and conditioning training, in addition to weekly yoga sessions focusing on poses to support my strength training, and a little yin for when it’s needed. 

Siobhan has worked hard to create a comprehensive training program to keep me “in the gym”, having fun, making gains, and avoiding injury. She continues to be a vital influence in my overall health and wellbeing!!”

--Jessica H.