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For me, your development is personal!

I like to look at each client with a holistic lens.  There is not one workout routine or diet that fits everyone. Each client is unique with their own set of challenges---injuries, limited time, lack of motivation and/or nutritional challenges.  As a single mom, I have faced all of these challenges at some point in my training and use both my education and personal experiences to create a distinctive approach for each client so that they too may enjoy a healthier lifestyle 


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Privates and One-On-One Training

Whether online or in person this is a great way to learn new techniques and skills and how  to modify for any injuries or conditions.

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Balanced Body 1-on-1 coaching


This program is for those looking to change their lives through strength training, mindset, yoga and nutrition.

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Balanced Body Small Group Training

This program is designed for those who enjoy the company of a group for accountability and comradery but also want customized programming.  

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Having had a prolonged absence from working out, I noticed that my functional strength had significantly decreased.  Siobhan developed a specific program for me that was manageable and met me at my current level.  I noticed my strength returning.  It was most noticeable in yoga and with everyday tasks, which were no longer as challenging.  I hope to continue maintaining and building additional strength and I love working with Siobhan because she understands all of the factors that contribute to maintaining an exercise program as a busy mom!

Dana D.

Teresa M.

“If you are considering working with Siobhan, know this: she is NOT a one trick pony. Yes, she loves strength training and of course she is a yoga ninja but she is above all else a creative and intuitive human who listens hard. So, what you need in your practice she will figure it out.”  

Allow me to give a ringing endorsement for Siobhan. I needed a reboot and Siobhan delivered. Besides her knowledge, she displays great care for those working with her.  Meticulously, Siobhan creates a workout workout program that challenges, encourages and delivers attainable goals.  The time she spends learning any difficulties you may have:  from shoulders to knees to anything else impressed me from the beginning.  I saw it in action with other people.  Siobhan can help you in many ways from physical to mental.  I would recommend her to anyone.

Chip T.

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