Balanced Body: Program Design and Individual Training

Combining the best of both worlds.  


Need A Plan to Boost Your Fitness?


Then I have just the program for you!

My clients have so many decisions to make on a daily basis and I find they don’t want to also have to think about and create their own fitness routine as well. That is why I will create a customized fitness plan just for you where you can not only meet with me but when you are at home you know what to do for your workout and/or yoga routine.


See below for more details!


$350/month, 3 month minimum commitment


What You Get...

Customized Strength Training Program


Your customized workout and/or yoga program is tailored to your equipment and time constraints. In my app, you will be able to view 100 + videos and track your progress anytime, anywhere. 

1:1 Sessions


We will meet once a month (for an hour) either in-person or via ZOOM to strength train, practice yoga or a hybrid of the two.

Video Shares


Feel free to send me videos of specific exercises or yoga postures that you would like me to review and send feedback.


FREE Access to the membership site

You will receive access to the YOGA BODY, STRONG BODY membership site which gives you LIVE and pre-recorded yoga classes and office hours as well as yoga and bodyweight tutorials and sequences.

What Are You Waiting For?

“If you are considering working with Siobhan, know this: she is NOT a one trick pony. Yes, she loves strength training and of course she is a yoga ninja but she is above all else a creative and intuitive human who listens hard. So, what you need in your practice she will figure it out.” --Teresa M.