Privates and One-On-One Training

Whether virtual or in person this is a great way to learn new techniques and skills and how  to modify for any injuries or conditions.

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Private instruction, whether in yoga or strength training or a hybrid of the two is an opportunity to have your individual needs met.  It allows us to focus on the goals you set towards strength, flexibility and mental focus. 

I often find that when students come to me for strength training, I open up my yoga tool box to help find ways to improve their lifting technique.  Students who come to me for yoga training often need more strength to achieve some of the intermediate to advanced postures and I equally love opening up my strength training tool box for them!

Private classes are a great way to learn proper lifting technique, proper yoga alignment and modifications for your body and any conditions or injuries you experience.

All sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes in duration.

Private sessions are available in person as well as virtual and will allow you to practice with Siobhan from anywhere in the world!

Single Session (1 hour): $100

1-Month (4 Sessions): $325


Partner Training: $120 ($60 per person)

1-Month Partner Training (4 Sessions): $400 ($200 per person)

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What Are You Waiting For?

“Siobhan has done a great job helping me reach my fitness goals. She customizes my weekly workouts and adjusts based on my other exercise-related activities. I love that she thinks ahead and anticipates so that I don’t have to! Her background in yoga is particularly helpful because she has a stretch or pose to relieve almost any ache or pain I experience! She keeps me accountable and is very responsive if I ever have a question or concern outside our scheduled workouts. The best part is that I just trust and she delivers. There is a true method to her madness!”

--Tonya W.

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